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Please, Please stop being mad at your bird.

She is responding to hormones racing through her body and like human teens she may be a little "messy " with the response. How many times did your parents have to hold back their frustration for you?

For the first 2 years Budgies change and grow so rapidly that I would feel like my head was on a swivel. The behavior today will change often and quickly. Unfortunately young budgies are whisked away from their parents at a critical growing stage in their young lives and never get the benefit of learning to be budgies from their parents. Hopefully they find a forever home with good people parents to love them and help them finish growing up.

In our aviaries our babies up to 8 to 12 months stay in a baby flight with a few hand picked adults, usually cocks. This is an important time as the personality is forming. If you want a gentle adult budgie they need to learn how to share and get along, just like little kids in pre K do. That's what our cocks are asked to do. This is a natural progression as the hen cares for chicks in the nest box and then the **** weans them. After the first year they should be ready to live in either a balanced flight of hens and cocks or in separate flights of cocks and hens. Budgies are big family birds and somebody in the family need to teach them what is expected of them.

It is critical that breeders refrain from breeding adult birds with severe aggressive traits. By the time you take a baby home, you have no idea what has happened to that baby or whether it may have been attacked /bullied forced to fight to get enough food to eat etc. Ethical breeders do not allow these things in their flights and individual birds can be worked with to overcome some of these issues. It takes a lot of time and money so many birds do not get much of a chance.

We work with each bird till they express a sense of self and can stand up for their own space, We like spunky kids. They will not all be alike, but hopefully they will form bonds with one or several other budgies during this growing stage. Some may get to stay together for the rest of their lives. We have an older pair of Budgies that has been together in our aviary close to 8 years. Brad and Angie formed a bond in another aviary,
I asked another breeder to pick out a compatible breeding pair for me to purchase for my breeding program. It was a good choice and well worth the cost. So much so that they will get to live out their lives together in peace and harmony in our aviary. Periodically we bring them in to spend time together like a second honeymoon. We do not let them have a nest but they get to spend hours preening and loving each other like older humans when the kids have moved on to produce their own families.

Most of our birds live in flights separated by **** or hen unless they are being prepped to be parents or for other social duties in the flock. My goal is for my budgies to go to good homes where they can live a happy life with a forever family to love and care for them. We have spent a lot of time learning about flock dynamics. Some things are intuitive and I have yet to verbalize all of what I have gleaned. Every day I keep learning new things and new ways to communicate with our budgies. It is a good challenge to keep me down to earth and essentially human.

So, look at this experience with your budgies as a growing process that will evolve over future years. Healthy well cared for budgies can be a part of the family for 8-12-16 or even 20 years. Look forward as the bond between you grows. Celebrate the love you share through time.

Many Blessings,
Jo Ann
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