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Gender Confused - 11 week old has purple and blue cere without any white at nostrils.

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Am I a girl or boy? My owner is new to budgies.

Hi. Am I a girl or boy? My owner is new to budgies and needs help figuring me out. I'm about 9-10 weeks old.


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Hi there and :welcome: to the forums, Blueberry!

You're an adorable little GIRL :D

Meanwhile, please let your owner know that this is the best place to learn even more about the best of budgie care practices, and to stay updated on everything, be sure to read through the forums' many budgie articles and "stickies". After reading, questions are always welcome! ;)

Hope to see you around! :wave: :cobalt:
Thank you so much for the sweet welcome message. This is a great website! I'm excited to read up and learn more.
Hi! :welcome: to Talk Budgies

Your little girl is adorable! What have you named her?

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Glad you decided to join us and looking forward to seeing you around the forums.
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Thank you

Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to learning a lot on this site. We named it Blueberry. Blue for short. Not the most unique name but it really seemed to fit. Lol. Thanks again.
My 11 week old's cere has purple on the bottom and light blue around the opening, not white. Can a male this young have any blue or does blue always mean female even if there isn't white around the nostrils? Three pics attached taken in bright sunlight. Thanks for your comments.


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It looks like a boy to me.:yes: :innocent:
In fact, I think you have a little girl :) The light blue around the nares is a pretty sure sign that in fact she's female; a male's cere would be glossy purple or pink at that age, and even if it was going to turn blue early, it would retain the richness of color and not show that extent of lightness. I agree, however, that this cere is one that's especially confusing! If in a few weeks you post updated pictures it would be easier to confirm 100%. :D

Thank you JuneBird and StarlingWings. I'll definitely post another picture in a few weeks.
You have a very beautiful little girl as indicated in your first thread.
I stand by what was said when you asked the first time ;) and I've merged your two threads into one.

If you post more pictures of Blueberry in the future regarding her gender, please be sure to post them in this thread.
Merged Post

FaeryBee, I created a new post because I had a "specific" question regarding the transition of ceres in general, not simply asking people to vote if they think my bird is male or female. That was the objective of my first post, not the new one. I was hoping to learn something new. My question is now buried in this post and not likely to be seen, but that's ok. I didn't realize you wanted this section to just be for guessing male or female. Thank you for your guess.
My 11 week old's cere has purple on the bottom and light blue around the opening, not white. Can a male this young have any blue or does blue always mean female even if there isn't white around the nostrils? Three pics attached taken in bright sunlight. Thanks for your comments.
Take a look at these threads which will help give you a better understanding of how to tell the gender of young budgies.

Budgie Gender Reference

Exceptions to the "Rule" in Determining Gender of your Male Budgie
Still don't know.

Hi. I saw the threads. Unfortunately, they didn't help with finding info about young budgies with purple ceres and blue around nostrils.
What you are calling purple looks like a blue color on my screen and the cere appears blue with white around the nares.

When we refer to pinkish purple, we are talking about the color of the cere of the bird like in this picture:

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Blue around nostrils

Thank you very much for trying to help. There's no pink at all. The outside border of the cere is a bluish purple. Yes, probably more blue than purple, but it has bits of purple in it. The nostrils definitely don't have white. It's a light blue. That's the confusing part. I guess time will tell. I'm loving this bird so much. It is really warming up and enjoys getting scritches on its head and neck. I'll post an updated picture of the cere in a few weeks in the event there is some change. Thank you. :)
We look forward to seeing the updated pics! :yes:
I'll be interested to see the updated pictures as time goes by!

So glad you are enjoying little Blueberry -- such a cutie. :yes:
Thank you

Thank you. You're very sweet. Thank you for providing this website. It's a wonderful place.
Hi. I'm back with an updated pic. It was suggested that I post an updated picture after a few weeks to see how the cere develops. It's been a month since I posted the last picture. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on gender. Thank you for your comments.
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If this is how the cere looks in person, as well, then you actually have a BOY! Surprise~ often times there are ceres which seem in between until they change for sure, so despite it usually being very straightforward to tell the gender before then, sometimes it isnt 🤣
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