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He is a darling, precious little male!
What is his name?
How many budgies do you have?
Are you caging them all together?

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Hello and welcome to the forums!

I agree he is most likely male but since his cere is in shadow, could you get another photo and post that one too? That, and he's literally adorable :D

You've been given great advice and resources above so please be sure to read through everything to ensure you're up to date on the forums as well as the best practices for budgie care. If you have any questions after doing so, please be sure to ask as we'd love to help!

Hope to see you around 馃憢

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Thank you all, and thanks for the lovely welcome to the forum :) I was confused with this one as his cere was almost white at one point. Also sorry for the slow reply I work in the hospital so it's hard to reply sometimes in a timely manner.

To answer your question FaeryBee I named him Paloma, it's Spanish for dove. I have 5 birds soon to be 6, I have been rescuing ill treated and neglected birds from various places. I had them in two seperate cages but they never wanted to be seperated so I just let them please themselves, so now they all kind live in one cage together.

I have a bird safe room and I have two large trees in the room so they generally live in the trees and in there cage as they please. I stopped locking them up at night as they did not seem to appreciate it that much and when I get up in the morning they are as I left them the previous night in the trees perching.

I am thinking of building an aviary as I seem to be getting more and more and the mess is the only factor really. That and when summer arrives, I would like to open the windows in my house. I will post a better picture later on today I need to go out and do some things. Have a great day all and thank you for your help :)

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Paloma is such a cute name for your little one. Do you have another photo of his cere, just to make sure?

Also, please be sure the trees you are using in their room are bird safe! I鈥檓 sure you already did but for any members reading this it鈥檚 important to check any houseplants that your budgies have access to. 馃憤馃徎

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The lighting is not the best, but it does seem to be very much a female shape and pretty pale for a male cere. I can't really see the color in the new photos; if you could take some in daylight that would be best. What color is the cere in real life?
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