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Sunny is not too young to tell his gender and appears a bit older than 6 weeks.
He is a very handsome little male.
The deep translucent pinkish-purple cere tells you he's male.

As an FYI, budgies should not be released from breeders until they are a minimum of 8 weeks old to ensure they are fully fledged and weaned and minimize the chance of regression.

The purpose of this forum is to promote the BEST PRACTICES in the care of budgies for their optimal Health and Well-Being

Locating an Avian Veterinarian

I recommend you remove the wooden dowel perches in the cage and replace them with natural wooden perches of varying diameters to help prevent pressure sores.
Pressure Sores
The information in this link will give examples of better options for perches:
Essentials for a Great Cage

What are the dimensions of the cage you are housing him in? Length, Width and Height.

A Healthy Diet for your Budgie
Quality Seed Mix
CuttleBones, Mineral Blocks and Manu Clay Roses
Safe Foods for Budgies
The Truth about GRIT

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Hello and welcome to the forums!

No, definitely not to early to tell the gender ;)

As the other staff have said above, he is indeed a male :D What a handsome guy!

You've come to a great place to learn even more about the best practices for budgie care. Please be sure to read through the forums' many budgie resources and "stickies", many of which have been provided above, to ensure you're up to date on everything! If you have any questions after doing so feel free to ask as we'd love to help :)

Hope to see you around!

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Little update and wondering if he's 'still' a boy. Lol

By the way he does have natural perches now and a new bigger cage with lots of foraging toys.

Is it normal for his cere to start turning blue already? I have a couple of pictures but the different light makes it look different every time I look at him, I have one pic where its bright blue but more purple/blue in real life. We have just got him a friend and I'm praying he is a boy too. Thanks!
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Definitely still a boy and new guy is 100% a boy too! Both are adorable 😆

Did you quarantine the new guy after bringing him home, or did you get them less than two weeks apart from the same place?
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