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Getting a new budgie in the future but I have a big problem.

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Hello! I'm thinking of getting a budgie in the future when my boyfriend and I get a car. We live in Finland where it gets very cold in the winter especially at nights but we have good central heating and it's 25 degrees Celsius indoors. We live in an apartment where we have one bedroom, a dark hallway and one big room which consists of a kitchen and a living room together.

My problem is that I wanted to have the budgie and its cage in our bedroom away from the window but my boyfriend cannot sleep without the window open(it's not exactly open as there is still glass in front of the open window but it lets some chill in the room) otherwise he will sweat uncontrollably because of a body issue. It's only a bit chilly in the room when we leave the window open but I've read that budgies are very sensitive to cold weather and I wouldn't want to risk its health.

Our other option would be to have its cage in the living room/kitchen but I've also read that budgies are sensitive to kitchen fumes even though I don't cook anything that produces a lot of smoke and our stoves are electronic. But there's still a risk of an accident in the kitchen if I tame the budgie and it starts being out of the cage.

Our final option is to have its cage everyday in our bedroom and when it's time to sleep we move it to the living room/kitchen so it doesn't feel cold. However I've been told that constantly moving its cage from room to room will make it harder for the bird to trust and feel comfortable.

What should I do? Are any of the options above any good and I'm just overthinking? :budgie:
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Hi there, welcome to Talk Budgies! :welcome:

You've been given great advice and I'm sure moving the cage around will work out fine :thumbsup:

I hope to meet your future budgie when you get him/her and in the meantime, feel free to ask any and all questions you have as we're always happy to help ;)

Hope to see you around! :wave:
Thanks a lot! I will become more active here when I get my budgie! :budgie:
Awesome that you are here and doing your research before getting your bird.
Looking forward to hearing about and seeing your new friend...:)
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Do you know yet when you are planning to get your little budgie? :)
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