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My mother has two parakeets that we are going to try and put in a huge flight cage together and she will also be moving soon but i want to help her with everything i can. Right now they aren't eating veggie but i want to get their seed mixes right first. She doesn't make enough money to make her own seed mix but in your guys opinion what is a good seed mix i can easily obtain? I want to help her by starting out slow, first changeing seed mix, then getting her to feed sprouts and eventually even feeding her birdies chop. They aren't hand tame however one of the birds does like human contact to the point where she will nibble on your hand if you stick your fingers in the bars of her current cage so i think she's a little bit more adventurous that the other and youknow birds follow by example lol. any suggestions?

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Good seed mixes will depend on where you live. Have a look through this thread.
Quality Seed Mix

It's also important to keep in mind that dry seed has very little nutrients but is high in fat and should be kept as an occasional treat. Sprouted seed on the other hand is very nutritious and can be given to your birds daily. Veggies and pellets are a very important part of a birds diet as well.

Have a read through these articles: A Healthy Diet for your budgie

You mentioned your mother doesn't make enough money to make her own seed mix. Does she have a vet fund set aside for any unexpected vet trips? Avian vets can be very expensive.

I also don't recommend sticking your fingers through the bars into the bird cage. You are invading their space, and it can lead to them trying to bite you because they are scared.

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Please be sure you introduce the two budgies in neutral territory before simply putting them in a cage together. You need to ensure they get along well.

I would recommend you also have your Mother join the forum to learn as much as possible about how to give her budgies the best care for their optimum health and well-being.

With regard to seed mix and diet, IHeartPieds has provided you with the links to excellent information.

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