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Got another call today.

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Got another call today. Just got back. First pictures, then questions.

Jumped right out and on to the shoulder

Then I got him/her on my hand

Ok now the questions.

She was found on a rooftop at the hotel a couple weeks ago. It was 110° and she was thirsty. So a guy picked him up and gave her some water. She rode around all day on his shoulder and he took him home. (Just switching the him/her around as I dont know).

He said you can just reach in and grab her and you can pet him too. When I got home and took her out of his cage she squaked a bit but I got her pretty quick and there was no biting at all. Once out she went to my shoulder first thing. Then I got him on my hand and then she tried to fly away. He can fly but not well. maybe 6 ft no more . I went to check to see if the wings were clipped and she panicked and screeched so I stopped. Then I slowly opened a wing and all the feathers are fine.

There are lovebirds mating and nesting all over the property and I am going to assume by the black beak and small size this is a baby. Would this be correct?

She was given the seed treat bars, like perches, and seed to eat but I did not see any other seed other than the honeysticks in the cage.

I am giving him Australian mix and TOPS crumpletts tonite and will give kale and try some veges and fruit tomorrow also.

All in all she looks pretty healthy and as I am on vacation this week I can spend some time with him and take her to the vet to be checked out.

So anyway thats where we are now. Any advise would be wonderful as this is my first Lovebird.

Now to come up with a his/hers name :D.
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Congrats on the new bird :D
I have 3 peach faces of my own and they are an absolute delight to watch . Enjoy your new bird !

By the way , mature female peach faces are known to tear and tuck strips of paper or nesting material under their wings to line their nests . Its one of the sure shot ways to sex your bird without DNA testing . Males try to exhibit this behaviour but are quite clumsy when it comes to the tucking part .
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