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Guess what Sammy got...

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Hi, everyone! I was looking around for new cage ideas for Sammy as his Ferplast Ibiza Open cage has a few spots where the white coating is wearing off (and with his recent heavy metals poisoning we don't want to take any chances).

Well, I found one that I loved, but it was over 200€! I started looking online and found...

The Montana Madeira I Cage

I ordered it on the spot because I've heard such great things about Montana cages! Not only was it on special, but has a week long no-IVA (tax) offer, so I scored this awesome cage for less than 120€!

Sammy is going to have such an amazing time spreading his wings in his new pad!

Now... how do you go about switching a budgie to a new home? :D

Thanks for celebrating with me! :budgie:
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I also saw that they wouldn't deliver to N. Ireland! What a bust!

Thanks, everyone! I'll be sharing photos when the new cage is up and running :)
Sammy's new cage was delivered this evening. After hauling 20kg up to our flat (whew!) my husband and I survived one of the biggest challenged faced by newlyweds - having to read the instruction manual and assemble something. We had already faced an Ikea shoe wardrobe, so I thought it would be no big deal to assemble a bird cage. :D

It was pretty easy, and Sammy was very curious! But our schnauzer Watson started crying when he saw it put together. ("Seriously, Mom. You buy Sammy a whole new home and all I got was this silly rubber ball?!")

Sammy's now in his new cage with new toys and lots of food and water. He's a bit gun-shy, but I'm sure he'll be right at home by tomorrow. Pictures to follow...
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