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Guess what Sammy got...

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Hi, everyone! I was looking around for new cage ideas for Sammy as his Ferplast Ibiza Open cage has a few spots where the white coating is wearing off (and with his recent heavy metals poisoning we don't want to take any chances).

Well, I found one that I loved, but it was over 200€! I started looking online and found...

The Montana Madeira I Cage

I ordered it on the spot because I've heard such great things about Montana cages! Not only was it on special, but has a week long no-IVA (tax) offer, so I scored this awesome cage for less than 120€!

Sammy is going to have such an amazing time spreading his wings in his new pad!

Now... how do you go about switching a budgie to a new home? :D

Thanks for celebrating with me! :budgie:
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Wow what a sweet cage. Your budgie is living in luxury! :) Mine are not tame and when i changed cages a few of them went to the new cage on their own and a few I had to chase down and catch. You can try putting millet or his favorite treats inside to lore him in. Also budgies are curious animals so he may just go in on his ouw out of couriosity
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