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Halloween with Tessa

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Guess what- I finally was able to dress up and take pictures with Tessa! I can't believe I actually have a horse to do this with (I know, I know, I've had Tessa for over 2 years but sometimes it still amazes me)

My amazing friend came out and took some fantastic pictures with Tessa and I! I'm only posting a few (we took 300 so you have no idea how much self-control I'm using right now to only post these). Excuse the awkward cropped pictures and colored markers on my face- don't want my face online so that also limited what pictures I shared. I dressed up as a Greek goddess and Tessa my trusty steed! She also has a unicorn'll understand when you see the pictures below lol.

Before I share the pictures, I have to share an amazing discovery with you guys. Tessa's legs are WHITE! It was one of our last warm weeks so I gave Tessa her last bath of the year and scrubbed until her legs were so white I can actually see the spots on them! And I also braided her mane in preparation of the photoshoot. So I shared some pictures below...of course she rolled after all my hard work (2 hours worth), but that was a given:001_rolleyes:

The result of all 12 of those braids...Such a pretty mane

And her lovable little forelock...if you braid it it sticks up like a horn. I think I was laughing at it the entire time :p

Beautiful girl doing leg yields!

I love this horse so much. And I love it when she puts her head in my lap...:001_wub:

I am also very proud of how her tail turned out- she rubs her butt on the shed so she has a lot of short stubby hairs so I wasn't sure how well it would braid

And me realizing it's a lot harder to not slide backwards when you're wearing a slick dress bareback
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She's a beautiful horse, what a sweet girl she is!

I absolutely love the photos you took and she looks perfect as the steed of a greek goddess!! Athena, perhaps?

I love the photos, thanks so much for posting!
I love these! Both you and Tessa look beautiful!
I love these photos Katie! I can tell you and Tessa had a lot of fun with the photo shoot. Hard work getting Tessa ready, but the end result was worth it :D. You two look great!
Wonderful pictures, Katie!

Tessa certainly is a beautiful girl. :001_wub:
Wow, you have a very beautiful horse :).

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Thank you for all the wonderful replies! Hope you have a great day!
Lovely photos
You and Tessa seem to have a great bond with each other. :)
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