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You might be experiencing trouble logging in and/or staying logged in. If you are noticing any log in problems whatsoever, it is most likely a cookie problem. Please try the steps below before posting your situation.
  1. Delete the cookie for our website.
  2. Log in again to our website, and be sure to check the Remember Me box. If you do not do this, you will not stay logged in on your computer. However, if you are browsing our forums from a public computer, it is not advised to do this, unless you remember to log out when done. The Remember Me box only affects the computer you log in with, not your account in general.
  3. You should now remained logged in. If not, try logging in to our website without the www in the URL. (For example, go to Homepage instead of Homepage).
  4. If you are still experiencing problems, download an alternate browser and follow the above steps on the alternate browser. For example, if you currently use Internet Explorer, try logging into our website using Firefox. Or if you use Firefox, try logging in with IE. Just keep in mind that you will have to continue to use the alternate browser to view our website without issues.
  5. If you are still experiencing problems, you must now try logging in on a different computer.
Also note that, unless everyone is having problems logging in, the problem will be on your end, not ours. If even one member is able to stayed logged in, the problem is not on our end.

Also remember that when we perform a software upgrade, you might experience problems. Please perform the above steps before contacting us after a software upgrade.

Some other useful tips that might help resolve your problem:
  1. Be sure you are entering your username correctly.
  2. Your password is case sensitive. So if your password is ABC123, do not enter abc123 (lowercase).
  3. If you have forgotten your password, please click here to reset it.
  4. If your account has been banned, you might not be able to log in.
  5. If this is your first time visiting our website, be sure you create a free account before trying to log in. You must have an account before you can log in.
If none of the above steps resolve your problems, contact an administrator.
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