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Hi guys,

New to the forum, glad to be here! I have a 4 year old male budgie named George. I inherited him from my late grandmother at the beginning of the year.

Everything is going really well, to my surprise he's actually just started talking after all this time! He used to have a budgie friend (he died last year) so because of this we didn't think he'd ever talk, or be that interested in people. I don't know if I should get another budgie for him, he seems very happy right now and he gets loads of attention from me but I know he'd love a friend of his own kind again.

I thought I heard the odd "good boy" a few weeks ago and now since this past week or two he says it all the time along with lots of other "almost" words. I spend hours with him a day talking to him/playing music which he loves to sing to etc. He can come out his cage whenever he likes in the evening and he'll climb out his cage to sit near me or on me. He will often follow me to another room and if he can't he does a special call to check where I am! It's so cute. If his cage door is closed he'll climb up it to where I am. Just the past week or two he's gotten super tame and wanting to be with me.

I have one or two minor problems-he won't step up, he's kinda bypassed that and goes straight to my shoulder or head! I think he's a bit scared of my hand still, I probably did try and catch him when I first had him quite a bit which made him wary. He will peck as well and it's quite hard, sometimes it breaks the skin. I understand he doesn't like me invading his personal space but I see other people with their faces really up close to their budgies and not getting bitten! We need to work on that! I hope to have him saying a few more words by Christmas, he makes me laugh because of the way he says "good boy" in my exact way that goes up at the end. My grandmother used to have another budgie years ago that talked and I managed to teach him several words just seeing him once or twice a week. Both these birds were from breeders as babies-I'd never get a budgie anywhere else now. He's such an amazing pet!

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George sounds like a happy bird, we would love to see pictures of him. Should you decide at some point to get another bird it would be best to get another male, 2 males can become best buddies and you don't have to be concerned about unwanted breeding. Try getting him to step up using a perch instead of your hand, my current birds are not hand tame so they never step up onto my hand but they will step up onto a rope perch for me.

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Oh I would definitely get another male-in fact we've never had a female. I guess because my grandmother always wanted one that might talk which was more likely with males. He loved his buddy, but he bossed him around! Thanks I'll try that perch tip, he actually used to step up as a very young bird but then stopped doing it. I should sort some photos out as well.

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George sounds absolutely delightful. I would love to see some pictures and/or videos of him.

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Thank you, I'll do my best to read through all the links. Thankfully I already have an excellent local avian vet as I used to keep chickens and ducks so that is sorted which would be a worry for me otherwise as I know they are sometimes hard to find.
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