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Twiksy (turning 7 this Sept) is chonky and has different colored cheeks (white on his right cheek, blue on left!). Any idea what type/breed he is? We have had him for many years but have never took a good hard look at the range of budgie species, we are thoroughly confused.

Also his good companion Mr Yellow (4 years old) is either a Lutino or Yellow budgie as his eyes appear mildly reddish under the sun, but it is only visible under very bright light and in certain angles.

Would appreciate any expert-help in identifying them :) Lastly, we think they are both male but the vet said she can't confirm. Open to any comments! TIA

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They are both adorable, I don't think I have ever seen different color cheek patches on one bird, let's see what our mutation expert, StarlingWings, has to say about it.
Thank you! 😊

Twiksy and Mr. Yellow are soooo cute! Twiksy’s cheek patches are bizarre and utterly beautiful!
Thank youu! Yup we were confused the first time we saw him too. he was the only one of his clutch sold at the avian store!

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They are absolutely gorgeous! Twiksy is a light green spangle dominant pied budgie. Spangle budgies have white cheek patches so I think with the pied gene he ended up with one of each :D As for Mr. Yellow, what you're seeing are "plum eyes", which are somewhere between red and black. This is hallmark of dark eyed clear budgies :D He's a green dark eyed clear budgie!

Hope to see more of them in the future :)

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