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I have 5 budgies currently and a few more that I used to own that I would like to introduce you all to!

african grey Bird Eye Beak Parrot
This is Lucky-Blue my 3 year old male budgie. His favourite thing to do is sing. He loves it and he often sings with me when I’m doing my chores and he flys up to me and starts singing to. He was my first budgie and he put up with me until I learnt how to make sure he has enough toys, space and food. He has been happily ‘married’ to Kiwi for 2 years now!

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This is Kiwi, my cinnamon winged female who is ‘married’ to Lucky-Blue. I got her 5 months after Lucky-Blue and after he tried for a long time to impress her, and facing through many rejections he finally was allowed to preen her and share a food bowl. I then moved them to a flight cage together where Kiwi had 2 clutches within 2 years where most of the chicks got sold to friends and relatives. Kiwi is very quiet and moody but she is also very capable of being a sweetheart… even if she can be destructive and aggressive at times-

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This is Willow also a female cinnamon wing. She is very quiet and she will bite if you try and interact with her when she isn’t in the mood which is why people don’t like her very much compared to my other birds, but deep down Willow is basically just an introvert who likes time alone to sleep… and play with her toys… and eat. Despite this she is good friends with her sister Sassy. They have 2 brothers that got sold off so Willow and Sassy are the only ones from the first clutch I have left.

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This is Sassy. If I could describe her in one word it would be angelic. She is an absolute sweetheart! She is happy to play whenever and she never fights back or bites. She can be a bit skittish with people she doesn’t know but on the whole she is a very cute little budgie. She loves to explore the house with Willow and one time she scared me very bad because I couldn’t find her, somehow she had gotten into the washing machine ‘it wasn’t on don’t worry’ and I found her sitting on a pile of clothes that awaited to be washed. She is also found behind bookshelf’s inside of plants and underneath desks. Despite her cuteness she found out how to open her cage, so every morning when I go to wake the birds up, she’s already out and walking/flying around.

Bird Eye Beak Parrot Comfort
And this is the youngest, Jinx. I am assuming he is a male. He loves fluffy stuff, and he likes cuddling up to fluffy stuff like blankets, jumpers and oodies. He is the one last bird I kept from Lucky-blue and Kiwi’s second and final clutch. He is in the process of learning how to fly and gaining independence at 7 weeks old. He is already weaned and eating well. He is very cute and he even has his own big cage which is quiet happy about so he can practise his flying within his cage.

There is also one bird that was in Jinx’s clutch who deserves and honourable mention being Bubbles

Bird Hand Eye Beak Finger
Bubbles was Jinx’s older sister who died at 5 weeks old. She was around a week older then Jinx and she was so cute. She would come running to my hands whenever I went near her and she was adorable. Unfortunately due to unknown events she died. She went to sleep fine and when I woke up she was gone. It was really sad but I’ll always remember her

Just to clarify to anybody who might worry, I am NOT a new budgie owner. I have had budgies for 3 years, nearly 4. I have done extensive research on budgies and breeding. Yet I am aware there is always more to learn and I am guessing this is the place!
Kiwi and Lucky-Blue will no longer be raising chicks and I have no Intention of breeding my other birds.
I look forward to learning more about budgies and how to keep them happy and healthy!


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Nice looking flock, sorry to read about Bubbles. Females will often seek out a dark cavity when they are hormonal and wanting to nest, perhaps that is the issue with Sassy wanting to be in dark places. I would find a way to keep her from opening her cage door, it could be dangerous for her to be opening it on her own. JInx is an adorable chick, please post additional pictures as he grows and we would love to see more of the others as well.
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