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Help Needed

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HI All,

I have 2 budgies. got second one a month before. I started noticing that my older budgie was scratching his head sometime with his toys which I thought to be normal. for 2-3 days the scratching has becoming a lot. the budgie has been scratching his head and wings with his legs and against perch.

I do not see any sign of scaly face yet. I tried yesterday to apply some parrafin oil on head and noticed some feathers on head were shed by budgie. this became visible after the head became wet.

Could you please provide me some help or steps which i can take before i go to vet. the appointment i got is for Wednesday.
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He's probably just molting. Can you post close-up pictures of his face and pictures of his entire body?

Oh, and ...

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Welcome to talk budgies. I agree with Susan, and pic's would help. My boy Solomon is molting hard right now and has an area just above his cere similar to what you describe...:)
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Hi and :welcome: to Talk Budgies!

I would not recommend putting paraffin oil on your budgie.

It does sound as if your budgie is simply molting.[articles]/104927-miserable-molting.html

If the Avian Vet sees any signs of scaly-face mites, he/she will have you treat it with ivermectin.

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