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Help with new budgie?

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I got a new budgie :clearwing 1: about a month ago now and she is doing really good! She comes over to me when I come up to her cage,she sits on my hand,eats from my hand,eta. But when I take her out of the cage all she does is jump off my hand onto the floor! She has her wings clipped so she can't fly very well but I don't think it's good for her to be on the floor. She could hurt herself. Any advice?
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Hi Sarah, the fact that your budgie is already trusting is great. As prey animals, many people have a real challenge with their birds even getting to that point. They’re all individuals in personality though, and some do tame and trust quicker and more readily than others.

Some people let their pet birds on the floor, but personally I feel that it’s just too dangerous down there. If they make a habit of it, chances of getting accidentally stepped on are high.
While the wings are clipped, try having her over a bed, or... you might hang a sheet, blanket, or towel horizontally as a landing pad. Secure the ends onto furniture or whatever. If you are planning on letting her wings grow out, you can stop doing that, and get her accustomed to perching “up”, not on the floor. Get her up immediately if she lands there to break the habit.
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Hey there,
You've certainly been given some very sound advice, and FaeryBee is right as usual: the links she posted I too have used and gained quite a bit!

Good luck with your budgie, she sounds gorgeous! Well done getting her so far!
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