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So it's been a while since I've posted a non-picture update about the wee greenies.

We have a pretty good rhythm going with my work-from-home status. They have the option to leave their cage and run around a play area for 6-8 hours a day. Mostly, they spend this time either perched on my shoulder or on a wooden playset, but still that's up to them.
Their cage still gets rearranged weekly, and I've basically given up on the idea that they will ever fly in the cage 🤣. Unlike budgies, Linnies prefer to walk or climb places; so I keep the cage setup accordingly.

Hemi is getting his flight feathers, finally. Linnies grow these out pretty slowly....and he was clipped back in December. He's gotten good at horizontal flights, but he isn't quite there yet with ascending. Once he gets a bit better at it, we'll start some recall training. Though if I'm honest, he just likes to stare at me when I call him...
"Hemi, fly to me."
"Hemi, fly to me."
walk over and offer him a finger to step up to
"So this is how it's going to be.."

Kingston still has a ways to go, but he so desperately wants to fly. He routinely paces on the table and flutters his wings in place to try to do what Hemi does, poor kid :D

Hemingway is also now 100% passed his bluffing stage, which is nice. He's stayed a very gentle bird, though he is nowhere near as accepting of petting as he once was. In fairly typical Linnie fashion, he's not a big fan of hands. This-being-said, he steps up with no problems and let's me rest a finger on his feet to help keep him secure, so that's good at least.
Kingston is about 75% of the way done with bluffing. He is much more highly strung than Hemi is and has an even more developed hatred of hands... If he doesn't want you near him, he doesn't just shuffle away like Hemi does. He "beeps" at you to let you know that he's not having it. He will still lunge if he's really upset, but the biting has gone down considerably. Now he will step up when you ask him to, but he'll let you know verbally if he's not happy about it :)

As far as speech and training goes, they have both picked up some good phrases and are quite the chatterboxes. Especially when they are just sitting there on a perch, they like to mutter to themselves :)
"Boop...good boy....whatyoudoing....WHATYOUDOING.....boop....stepup....good boy..." Over and over.

They are also quite adept at whistling.
For those of you in the under-40 crowd, I got them to whistle the "Victory" song from Final Fantasy.
For those of you in the over-40 crowd, I also taught them how to whistle the theme to The Great Escape ;)
Catching this on video is tricky, but I'll give it a try.

Food is still going well. They have a fondness for chop and Harrison's pellets. I tried to get them onto a cold-pressed pellet like Tops or Birdtricks, but they weren't interested.
261 - 280 of 308 Posts