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Hey everybirdie!

I was looking online for some dried milk thistle, and really can't find any yet. But I looked at Twin Beaks Aviary, creator of Herb Salad. I was exploring their site, and found a boatload of distributors in many places here, as well as out of the country. I wanted to share that with you all in case you're having trouble finding it yourselves! In the states it's divided up by region. Anyway, here's the info!

USA Dealers:


Bird Paradise
551 E Rt 130 South
Burlington , NJ 08016

My Safe Bird Store
612 Tyler Street
Burlington, NJ 08016
My Safe Bird Store | Discounted Bird Products | BIRD FREE ENVIRONMENT| Free Shipping Available

Abba Seed
38 Long Ave, Hillside, NJ 07205

Birds from Sarah's Mother's Attic
Ticonderoga NY 12883
[email protected]

Chopmist Hill
North Scituate, RI 02857
Chopmist Hill - WEBSITE* LAST UPDATED** July 29, 2016?***I prefer email ...PLEASE*OR TEXT ME!*401-641-0994?B ?T??ORIGINAL CREATIVE SAFE BIRD TOYS!?**??*Contact [email protected]***?*?You can find captivating, quality bird toys at****** Chopmis

Diane's Discount Pet Supplies & Adoption Center
Diane Dietch Silberman
1486 South Hanover Street
Pottstown, PA 19465
Diane's Discount Pet Supplies & Adoption Center - Home

DJ Feathers Aviary
Tammy Kramer
Fairfax, VA 22033
DJ Feathers Aviary - Hand-fed Parrots & Avian Products - Caiques Conures ****atiels Macaws Senegals Amazons

Wyld's Wingdom
1447 Gabriel Dr
Norfolk, VA 23502
Pet Bird Supplies | Wholesale Pet Bird Supplies

South Eastern:

Mims FL 32754
786- 554-6460

Aviary at Cauley Square
22400 Old Dixie Hwy
Miami FL 33170
[email protected]

Florida Parrot Rescue
165 8th Ct
Vero Beach FL 32962

Laraine McGinnis
Stone Mountain, GA.30086


Bird Buffet N Things
1013 S Memorial Dr
Prattville AL 36067


Animal Feeds and Needs
401 W Golf Rd
Arlington Heights IL 60005
Pet Supplies, Pet Accessories, and Many Pet Products | Animal Feeds & Needs

National Parrot Place Organization
Susan Ungrey
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Susan's Parrot Place

Terri's Glamorous Gouldians
Brighton MI 48114
Lady Gouldian Finch/Canary Supplies/Bird Supplies/Glamorous Gouldians

Irvine, CA 92612
Lady Gouldian - Superior Birds, Supplements, Medications & Supplies

Magnolia Bird Farm
8990 Cerritos Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92804

Stone Pet Shop
1122 Forest Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Best Friends Animal Society Parrots
5001 Angel Canyon Rd
Kanab UT 84741
[email protected]

Paul Lucht Inc
PO Box 3527
Omaha NE 68103

Beakers Parrot Place
PO Box 197
Wilkenson WA 98396
#1 place to buy hand-raised baby parrots in Pacific Northwest 360.829.6643

The Finchery
Woodland WA 98674
The Finchery - Home Page

The Finch Farm Company
5305 NE #201 Vancouver, WA 98663


Exotic Wings and Pet Things
3561 Lobsinger Line, St. Clements
ON N0B 2M0, Canada
Exotic Wings &Pet Things - Handfed Parrots, Parrot, Dog, Cat, Reptile, Pond, Fish Supplies

UK Dealers:

Fab Finches
27 Sandiacre Drive
Leicester Leicestershire
+07493 282287
Fab Finches UK - Suppliers of superior Bird Food | Medications | Supplements | Supplies & More

SPAIN Dealers:

Palmar Logistica sl
Plaza Salinas N1
Mascaraque-Toledo Spain

JAPAN Dealers:

Bird More
Naoki Kihata
Zip Code: 354-0017
1-28-23 Harigaya, Fujimi City
Saitama, Japan

CHINA Dealers:

Parrot Friends and More
G/FL482 Chatham Road
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong 852 China

TAIWAN Dealers:

Parrots Fun Pala
No 22-8 Jiacheng Rd
Dashe District Kaohsiung City
Kaohsuing Taiwan 81546

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Windy City Parrot Carries Avitech products. They include Alcohol free Milk thistle with dandilion liquid with dose titration for small birds. Sugar free electrolyte. Homeopathic products. Weight gain /calming products. Sell international but shipping can be outrageous. Check for avitech vendors in other countries. Blessings, Jo
Ann:Love birds:


I just read through "Abba" There is a paper on the pellet diet vs a good seed diet. It would be good reading for anyone doing battle with their birds over pellets.
As many of us have found smaller softer pellets are easier to eat and Things like Harrisons mash makes a lot of sense.

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Wow Thank you so much for this Kristen as I have been looking for a place where I could get some of these things but no luck until now and the UK link delivers to Ireland too and the herb salad is now on its way to my guys to try out...Hopefully down the line I will get more ...for now the bank account needs to be replenished as it works out pretty expensive with the P&P but regardless its money well spent I think (if they eat it). Thank you so much for sharing the link and my budgies all thank you too :)

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I'm so glad that this post is helping people here. I know that everyone can do this on their own, but I wanted to make it easy access so to speak. I thought that this way everyone would have it in hand and not have to search high and low for Herb Salad. It's a great product and I want everyone to be able to order it hassle free!

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Any one who like the spinach/millet/grass seed ring treat, It is on sale for 2.39 each and shipping charges are lower than 49 dollars for free shipping. It only gets that low once or twice a year. Kabobs are also on sale at foster and smith vet catalog on the net or by phone.Blessings, J A:Love birds:

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I just received my 8 oz. bag of Herb Salad (Twin Beaks Aviary) from my Distributor here in Ontario, The Parrot Shop and Hotel :D

I'll add some dry herbs and chile flakes to it because my birds get a different herb salad (dried greens) by Ecotrition right now and it's hard to get at Petsmart because they NEVER have adequate stock on it so, I want my darlin's to get used to the new flavours.

So excited! :woot::woot:

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It is one of the best food Items we have found short of doing it your self. It lets our Budgies choose what nature inspires them to eat for best health. Just to smell it is wonderful. Our guys love it and head to sample what they enjoy when we add to their treat dishes. blessings, Jo Ann:Love birds:
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