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It's very hard for me to get any decent pictures of Peachy.
As soon as I open the cage he jumps out. If he is out and doing something, as soon as he sees me he jumps on me (or the camera).
Most of what I get are either unfocused or not worth keeping. :rolleyes:
I did manage to take a few of him today that aren't too terrible.
Peachy wanted to share them with his lovie friends - especially Khaleesi and Paddington.

This is my very best vulture impression.
Don't I look scary?

I'm stretching way up to show you how tall I can be!

I asked my Mom if I could fly my plane over to visit with Khaleesi and then go to see Paddington
but she said she didn't think my plane was built for super-sonic travel. :(

And this is my "cute" pose.
Pssst, when I know I've been naughty and Mom isn't too happy with me then I do this and she can't resist giving me skritches! :D

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Peachy is beautiful....:love:
Thanks, Randy! :)

Hi Peachy! You are very cute!:D
Thanks, Gaby -- And.... he's very spoiled! ;)

Khaleesi and I are very happy to see some updated photos of your Peachy! :D
I love his "vulture" pose, we can really see the vibrant colours and the special shine all lovebirds have in their feathers.
Your Peachy is always welcome to come over and stay with Khaleesi, my boy will share his toys and will let Peachy have a ride in the rocking horse too! ;)
Thank you.
Peachy has been going on and on about Khaleesi's rocking horse -- you'd think Peachy didn't have any toys of his own! :rolleyes:
Don't be surprised if he shows up on your doorstep if he gets wind that Khaleesi is willing to let him have a ride on the rocking horse he'll be out of here and off to you the first chance he gets! :giggle:

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Peachy is gorgeous :love: He sounds like a fun little fellow.:)
Thanks, Dee!
Peachy is lots of fun but thinks HE is "The Big Bird in Charge!"

I wanna birdnap peachy!!
Oh, Heidi -- I can't let you do that. But -- you can come visit him and play with him if you'd like. ;)

Paddington thinks if he hops on the train and Peachy flies on his plane they can meet half-way? I told him that was the middle of the ocean but he said they would both just get in a boat - smart boy.

Deb, Peachy is just to die for - my goodness. I love him more now that I have my own lovie. His poses are readable - he sure has you wrapped around his little claw and rightly so - just too adorable for words.

Paddy does the vulture impression when he goes to sleep! I think he looks like a little four legged creature up there when he leans forward like that - aren't they just too funny for words?
Paddington IS a very smart boy and has proven it with his idea about the boat! :cool:
You're right that Peachy has me wrapped around his claw -- that happened the very first time I birdy-sat for him. :eek: Fell head over heels in love with him and wanted him for my own. Who would have guessed that a few months later that would come to pass.
It's amazing how our little lovebirds can pack SO much charm and personality everything they do -- I know that Paddington is bringing you as much happiness as Peachy brings me and Khaleesi brings Ana.

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I would say... Peachy and his friends can come over to my place! I can find many toys and I can create a small Lovie Kindergarten! :p Peachy is stunning as always! Thanks for sharing Deb! :)
Peachy would keep you very busy in that Lovie Kindergarten! He loves to go from one toy to the next to check each one out and see if it meet with his approval and then wants you to see it too!

Oh Peachy you are the cutest little love Bird ever....Indi and I always like seeing your adorable photos... I just want to give you a big hug...
xoxo Thank you from Peachy!

That Peachy!! He has quite the fan club here.. I know he has his mom 'wrapped around his little claw' as she says... who could resist?? I see that little twinkle in his eye... he's thinking of what he'll do next, I bet.
You're right Judy -- Peachy is always up to something! :giggle:

Peachy is amazing :love:
I love the vulture pose... so photogenic! :photo:
I think it's so funny when he does his vulture impression. Such a cute little fellow seemingly trying to appear as big and scary as possible. :p

The fact that Peachy won't let you take his pictures :photo: (as You want them) because he loves you So much is as endearing as his adorable looks! :love:
Peachy is definitely an attention monger, Ollie! He'd be happiest if he could be out of his cage and engaged in whatever I'm doing every minute of the day.

Peachy is adorable! Thank you for sharing - I particularly like the one with Peachy on the plane :)
Thanks, Bethany!

Hi Deborah,

Peachy is so cute :) he looks so happy and delighted with himself for claiming ownership of the plane :D
Thank you, Niamh
Peachy likes his plane because when he's on it I'll hold it and "fly" him around the room on it. :laughing: He's not spoiled much!

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Peachy sure captures the heart. I know it just about kills you when he needs to be corrected. I could give him Scriches all day and snuggles too.
:hug::hug: Blessings, Jo Ann:p
Peachy would be in Little Lovebird Heaven then, Jo Ann!

Who could resist that adorable little "Peachy" face?!? :love2: Not me!
Thanks, Diane. :)
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