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I have little cloth bags like a mini shopping bag that I place the carrier in so they don't freak out seeing all new sights.

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Your four boys are very handsome and Cody has offered you excellent advice. :)

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Top-entry travel cages have (in my experience) been a huge pain to deal with, as you're trying to put a frightened budgie into it so it's insanely difficult. Front-entry doors are much better in my opinion, especially if the bird 1) trusts you and 2) is used to and comfortable with the travel cage. You can just have them step up into the cage or, if worst comes to worst, put your arm in and have them forced to step up onto a perch.

Never getting a top-entry cage ever again. Also, can't stress enough how vitally important it is to let your budgies get used to the travel cage, have it somewhere they can see for as long as possible, days or weeks. Then slowly get them used to going inside it by baiting them with millet. Will make vet visits a doddle as they won't be apprehensive about going into the brand new travel cage.

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Yes, it's my first time. My only prior bird experience has been either rescuing birds (in my yard growing up, here in NYC after window impacts, or in college in a bird rescue team in Florida) was taking care of 2 separate African greys (my 2 bosses birds) for a week at a time. These are my daughter's birds and named Snowy Owl, Captain Budgie (preening middle), Blueberry (preening right) and Loch Ness (inside cage). I need better pictures!

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beautiful looking birds:) i hope they bring you much delight
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