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Honeydew getting frisky with her toy

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Weirdest thing! I started to notice her doing this last night. Today, she has been doing it constantly. I managed to get a video of it. :p Hope this isn't weird, I thought it was pretty funny!

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Oh my! Well, 'tis the season where a young
birds thoughts turn toward Spring flings :)
Oh? I wasn't sure why she was doing it but it is hilarious to me, maybe that makes me strange! Funny thing is that I saw Comet doing the same to a different toy once, and Comet and Honeydew are boyfriend and girlfriend. I have seen them mate in the past but not lately. I wonder why they have taken to toys instead of each other? Not that I want them breeding!
:giggle: Somebudgie is having a good time. I have never seen my female budgies doing this, but all of my males have. Go figure. :p
Lol Honeydew!

Maybe they 'broke up' lol

Freki and Loki had some sort of 'budgie row' today. Then they sat at different ends of my living room for 40 minutes, not even calling each other. It was rather odd.

But i have noticed that she preens him, he's stopped preening her now and started preening me (My lips, nose, eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids etc) instead... :S
Yes Kim that's one reason why it stood out... I thought it was a 'male' thing.

Kat I wondered that myself! But I still see them preening each other. Interesting about your birds. I think it is super cute that your bird preens you. I hope they make up, though!
I'm sure i read somewhere that sometimes females do this to the male/toys, but i can't remember where i read it, think it was on this forum....

If this link works:

"It's normal behaviour but shouldn't be encouraged"

Haha yeah i did wonder why he started preening me, but he only started it the day he was really ill, and has done it since. So 3 times so far, today, yesterday and the day he was ill.

Maybe that is why Loki is mad at him.. seems i may have created some "domestic issues" :eek:

I told my hubby about it and he just made a 'pft' sound... like he didn't believe me, so i got him out the cage and showed him... he was like ok.. why?, how? and weird!

I'll have to get him to video it so i can post it on here so you guys can see too.. he preened my nose today and made me sneeze haha
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:eek: Oh my, Kat, that link... I didn't know a female would do that to another female! :eek: Now that I am watching for it more, I noticed that Honeydew has been hanging out with Pidgeot more... Pidgeot is being 'the boy'.

And it would be super cute to see a video of him preening you! :)
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