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As you may know, getting budgies to eat vegetables and fruits is very important. They live longer, happier, healthier lives when having a balanced diet.
When I got my 2 budgies, they were total seed junkies. Couldn't even get them to look at a vegetable. But I managed to get them to eat one veggie... now they eat all the nice meals I put in there cages! Whether it is a salad of various greens, beans, carrots, pears, mangoes, anything they will now eat. By following my own little process, I was able to get my new birds to eat veggies in just under a month.

**This works best with finger tame budgies**

The Process

Step 1: Introduction Vegtable

Alrighty! The first step is too pick an 'introduction veggie'. This is the vegetable you will be trying to give them through this process. I would choose a leafy green, such as spinach. Carrot peelings are also great! Just get one leaf/peeling of your vegetable, and read the next step. :)

Step 2: Introducing, the introduction veggie

Now that you have your veggie, get your bird(s) out of their cage. Maybe put them on their play gym, or on top of their cage. Anywhere out of the cage is fine.
Now, hold the peeling/leaf/whatever in front of them. They may lean back or move out of the way, but keep trying. When I was trying to get mine to try the veggie, I would sometimes take bites out of it to show them it was yummy, hahah.
Don't worry if your bidgie(s) keep dodging it! Mine did this for a while too. Every once in a while, make the veggie touch the under part of their beak to encourage them to nibble on it.

Step 3: Did you eat it?

If they just bit it a little, they didn't necessarily 'eat' it. The little nibble you may have seen was merely them tasting it. They will continue to do it until they are absolutely sure it is safe to eat. Keep holding the veggie in front of them for a while every day or a couple times each day. Eventually they will figure out they like it!

Step 4: Introducing the other things

Great!! You must have coaxed your budgie into eating that veggie! Good work! Now, you can try to show them other things. Such as sprouts, some fruits, or various types of leafy greens. Just repeat this process until they try your new new foods. Most of the time, they will eat it if it is in front of them, but sometimes they need a little extra work.

Step 5: The Veggie Cup

Now that your budgie knows the goodness of the fruits and vegtables you give it are good, it's time to introduce a veggies cup.
Put the bird(s) their cage. Make sure you have already put the veggie cup in the cage and given the birds a day or so to investigate it!

Get a vegetable or fruit you know they love, and let them nibble on it for a second. Them, slowly move it over to the veggie cup and place it in. Try this a few more times. This may take a few days, but be patient. Budgies are smart birds! Eventually your bird(s) will figure out that the cup contains their new foods!
DO NOT remove their seed from the cage.

I hope this helps you all! If you have any questions, or anything to add, just post. :)
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