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Yup i have dealt with this a couple of times.
Firstly if you have other birds you MUST treat all of them at the same time! If one bird is shedding it at any point they will reinfect everyone else.

Next up i am not aware of that drug being used for psittacosis. Treatment of choice is normally a tetracycline with doxycycline being the one ive always known used.
It is a 6 week treatment. If injections used these are once a week. Orally and water based are daily meds.
If your having trouble with the oral medicine see if your vet will move onto the water based doxycylcline. You can get it in satchets called ornicure normally has a picture of a pigeon on the front.
After the 6 week treatment you need to wait 3 months before retesting to check if youve cleared the infection. Always test by blood not faecal sample as you can get false negatives with a faecal sample.

It is very important to not give any calcium supplements whilst treating. The calcium binds to the antibiotic and stops it working.

You must disinfect daily during treatment. Do not let the birds out the cage. Get some f10sc (scarletts parrot essentials sell it). Spray the paper down before changing it to prevent any dander spreading. Any toys and perches that can not be disinfected throw out. Use only easy to clean things as you need to disinfect off any poop daily. Always wipe over the cage bars and clean around the cage daily.

The disease is shed in 10day cycles. After the initial 10days do a massive clean of the whole room they are in and anywhere theyve been.
After the 6 week treatment do a massive clean of everything again.

Wear only easy to clean clothes during treatment. I had a separate set for sorting the birds. A face mask if you can get one. Spray yourself down before and after cleaning to stop you spreading it around the house.

It might seem a bit overkill but this is a zoonotic disease and can be passed to humans and other animals. If you have a bird actively shedding the disease you need to stop it at every turn.

Do not go around other peoples birds during treatment including pet shops.

Of the 3 birds i had who were positive with it when i got them 2 were treated via water and 1 orally with karidox. All 3 retested negative.
I also treated 2 more birds as a precaution. My budgie had to be took off the oral meds and moved to the water based due to a reaction.

Since then a selection of my flock has been tested and all were negative.

All new birds are tested during quarantine.

If you need any more info or just want to chat feel free to pm me. I work nights but i will reply when i see the messages.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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