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I have a budgie he is around 3-4 months old, I got him like 1.5 months ago.
So whenever he is outside of the cage he does not want to come to me, if he is inside he will hop on the finger eat from my hand and everything,
but once he is outside he will go on top of the curtains and sit there doing nothing, he won't come to me, even with millet. What am I doing wrong?

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What is your budgie's name?
He is at the independent stage now and no longer wants to simply hang out on you when he is out of the cage. This is very normal.
Most budgies have no desire to be held and/or petted once they pass the baby stage. Bonding with a budgie means allowing your budgie to choose to be with you.

You might want to consider starting clicker-training with him. Engaging him in activities he finds stimulating can be rewarding for both of you.
Positive Reinforcement in Training.
Basics of Clicker Training

There is additional information regarding clicker training in the stickies at the top of the Training and Bonding section of the forum.

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Hello and welcome to the forums,

You've been given great advice above by FaeryBee. I agree completely. Additionally, check out this link:

Why is my young budgie suddenly aggressive?

Be sure to read through this and the other forum stickies and articles, most which are provided above, to ensure you're up to date on the best of budgie care practices. If you have any questions after doing so, please be sure to ask as we'd love to help.

We hope to see you around! :D
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