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How to make perches for flat walls?

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Hi there! I'm a new budgie owner of five months with my little girl, Onion!

I like to let Onion fly in our laundry room while I'm there, and she's been quite enjoying it! And I was thinking about enhancing Onion's experience flying around. So I wanna make some check points for her around the walls we have so that she has many areas that she can perch and sit on since she only have two as of now.

I'm looking for anything that can be used by Onion as a perch, whether that be something that I have to handmake or things I can buy that can serve as perches.
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How are you planning on securing them to the wall?
How are you planning on securing them to the wall?
I'm not sure- maybe if it has a flat surface I'll use adhesives like tape and stuff? I don't worry about Onion chewing on it because I'll be there with her anytime she's flying around
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Try doing a google-search for "wall perches for birds" and you'll get ideas. You can look at images as well as what is available for sale.
There are perches available with suction cups as well as perches that can be screwed into the wall.

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