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In the name of God

the original subject by Al bashiq Al baghdady
translated by dr ammar al juboury
Rainbow is a budgie that has multiple colors blended beautifully.This mutation has so many colors,purple,blue,dark grey,greenish blue,and all of them with wings that is clear from black or brown markings.Also the face is yellow and the body color shows in the wings and not only in the body.
But how to produce this mutation?or how to ADD color without losing the first color?and then how to add a yellow color to the chest and shorten it from the belly in a budgie and then add a dark color from another budgie that will breed with the first one to have the next generation with two colors?
There are ways to produce this mutation,one of these methods is genetics and the other way is the raiser's experiences of budgie's production and his dependance on it to guess the result,and this is the closest one to whats available and present,especially for Iraqis.There's a way for new amateurs that loves colors and doesn't want rare mutations just new colors..."then what we choose to breed"?
But there is a fact we all have to know that the rainbow mutation is degrees not just one,the more isolation between colors is clear the colors will be more beautiful,the lightness of the wing's markings whenever they are lighter the bird will look prettier,rare colors like dark grey with dark blue back and yellow-face.
Genetic way:the rainbow must have three mutations in it together:
CLEARWING...the best is dark blue or violet

and this way is found in websites but lets start from scratch,what we need is:
blue Opaline...the darker the better,and the violet would be great,and wing's markings not black but as light as possible like dilute or cinnamon.
why Opaline?we notice some things that we want to transfer to the next generation like body color showing between wing's markings.There is no markings on head so it appears clear.The tail is most likely as the body color and not black.Between shoulders is flipped triangle colored with body color.

creamino...yellowface,yellow chest,and wing's color is light.
why?we use it to transfer the yellowface gene which is dominant,and also to wipe or lighten wing's markings.

clearwing...and it's available in many colors,the prettiest is the blue ones.Or we could use dilute.

now we breed albino male with blue yellowface female,the result is creamino females or we breed albino male with bandid blue creamino (yellowface)female and if not available then green bandid female.After we get creamino females we have another pair producing clearwing Opaline or dilute Opaline..preferred if the male is Opaline and its wings are light.
Now,we breed the last one with creamino females and wait for the result.We will have pied dominant normal split Opaline,we breed it with creamino that carries(split Opaline).
This method combines between raiser's way and amateur's way.

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