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Oh thanks I thought he had some infection or some sort which results that scab on the beak there. I think it could be budgie lice too because a few moments ago I was cleaning his water and found one very small insect so it might be tick or lice too. Or it could be a coincidence or could be another problem.

About the vet I'll try convincing my parents once again to take him but I don't think there is any hope sadly. That is the reason why I'd thought I'd might get help here. For him not eating enough I'll make sure to handfeed him the seeds more often so maybe that will be reduced and he'll start pooping normal again. And since it cannot be identified I guess I'll try researching more maybe giving him some panadols (paracetamol in other countries) mixed with water might help or something and maybe I'll try using the anti lice spray for birds on his feathers that might help or maybe also some Epsom salt and gently tap on the scab because I can't afford a vet or to take him on my own either. I hope I get to find something useful that might be of help maybe someone else might know too who knows :(

Anyway thank you for the help I really appreciate it for answering at such a short time!
Oh m living stars! Hopefully the little tyke snaps out of it and gets back to normal.
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