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I found a feather on the floor of my budgie's cage

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Hey all. So today I have been out one hour and have come back and there is a feather on the flore like from the root!! Is he sick is he stressed please help.


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If he is molting it is normal for him to loose his feathers. Even the long ones on his tail!

That's a pretty feather by the way, I would keep it.
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Looks like he's moulting! It's perfectly normal, he'll grow a new one soon :)

I've kept every single one of Mallorn's tail feathers! They're pretty!
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Ow waw that's good news I was panicking thinking he was sick or stressed. Thats such a relief he's only lost that first one a just was not sure if he had hurt himself. Thank you so very much I really appreciate all comments :)
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Please take the time to read all the information in the links I provided both on your profile page and in your introductory thread.
You will learn a great deal about budgies and their care by doing so.
Additionally, you'll learn what is considered "normal" as well as some things that are not. :)

In the meantime, take a look at this link regarding molting:

Best wishes! :wave:
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