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I'm offically a bird owner!

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Hi guys! Well he is here! I'm offically a bird mom for the first time ever!
Is a boy right? No name yet, but we have Pickles (lol not green), Gus and Yogi. Any name suggestions would be great!
Not the greatest pics, but I didn't want to bother him as its a big day for the poor guys. Hes now in a closed room with the blanket over his cage.
What color would you call him? He has purple cheeks which is adorable! haha not sure if that is common or not.
Be prepared for a million questions.....

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Congrats on your gorgeous new budgie boy! :D
As to age, and taking all factors into account and despite him having still some remnants of baby barring, I'd say he is about 5 and a half months old.
He already has all his big boy throat spots and the irises are starting to get lighter in colour. Some budgies do develop the irises sooner than what is expected.
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Wow! Crazy you can tell all of that! Thank you!
When we talk to him by his cage he automatically puffs up the feathers under his beak and grinds his beak:)
That's wonderful, I'm glad your Gus is already so happy and comfortable to be beak grinding and all! I have also had the utter pleasure of having some beak grinding birdies on their first day with me and I know how rewarding it is! It's like they're saying: "This is the good life I have been waiting for, thank you for bringing me home with you". ;)

And you're welcome! :)
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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