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I'm offically a bird owner!

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Hi guys! Well he is here! I'm offically a bird mom for the first time ever!
Is a boy right? No name yet, but we have Pickles (lol not green), Gus and Yogi. Any name suggestions would be great!
Not the greatest pics, but I didn't want to bother him as its a big day for the poor guys. Hes now in a closed room with the blanket over his cage.
What color would you call him? He has purple cheeks which is adorable! haha not sure if that is common or not.
Be prepared for a million questions.....

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I see white rings around the nostrils..could be a female?? Could u post a clearer close up pic please to be sure :)
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Are these pics in natural lighting??, I see purple which indicates male, but I also see white rings..I'm usually spot on with this,one more shot but front shot of you don't mind with no flash.. :)
Well it's definitely a boy :),Iwe worked for that one lol..I like the names Otis,Opie, and Tucker!! Let us know what name u decide and he is gorgeous!!Congrats :)
By the way I see lighter Iris rings, so I would say he is older around 8-10 months..but to be sure Aluz could answer this for you :)
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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