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Hello! I decided to show you how I made my portable perches. I made those so I could help my budgie travel around my place and have a safe and comfortable place to land. Since I put those in different rooms, my budgie is much more active and likes flying back and forth on them :)

What materials you need:
-One 20 inch wood dowel
-One 5 and half square inch wooden base (mine is pine)
-One 7 and half inch natural budgie-safe branch (mine is maple)
-Five wood screws
-Some wood glue
-One metal plate, 5 and half square inch

What tools you need:
-A drill and drill bit
-A Screwdriver
-A wood saw and metal hacksaw or a jigsaw (for metal and wood)
-Sand paper

I added the metal plate to give my perch more weight, as my budgie would throw the perch down when taking off. It also has the added benefit that I can use the screws to adjust the balance on any surface I put it.

Here is the order in which to do it:
-Cut the dowel, branch and wood base to correct dimensions.
-Drill a hole in the middle of your branch. (like in 2nd picture)
-Drill a hole in the dowel. (like in 2nd picture)
-Screw the branch to the dowel using the holes you just drilled.
-Drill 1 hole in the middle of the wooden base the same size as your dowel's diameter halfway through the base. (like in 3rd picture)
-Drill 4 holes, one per corner, in the metal plate (like on the 4th picture).
-Screw the metal plate to the base with your screws on the other side of the dowel hole you just drilled.
-Add a bit of glue inside the dowel hole and set the dowel in it.
-Finish by sanding any sharp surface, be that on the plate or on the wood.

That's it! The whole thing costs less than 5$ provided you have the tools already.

A cool thing I did: I put a millet seed in the top screw so my bird knows if he flies there he will get a little treat :)


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Very nice. Great project for those that need it.
I'd just add to make sure the screw that is on the top of the perch is stainless steel as the budgie has access to it.
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