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I recently noticed Lady, one of my female budgies, spending time on the floor of the cage. The feathers on her back between her flight feathers were ruffled but she could still fly. I suspected a fight between Lady who is No2 and Jolie who is very much No1. She is eating and does not seem distressed except for her obvious fall from grace. It is autumn here, moulting has finished and the girls appear to be coming into season. Could this be the cause of this apparently aggressive behaviour? I was wondering whether I should separate Lady and check her over. (The vet has taught me how because I am a doctor.)

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Hello, and welcome to talk budgies. I would think checking for a puncture wound or any other unseen damage would be good, especially since you have been given instruction on how to do so. How long have your hen's been together, are there males present, how big is your cage ?
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Hi and :welcome: to Talk Budgies!

How many budgies do you have in the cage -- is it just the two females or do you have other budgies in with them?
Are there males in the cage and how big is the cage? EDIT: Sorry, Randy - I just saw you already asked this! :eek:

I would definitely separate Lady and check her over for injuries.
Additionally, if Jollie is continuing to be aggressive with Lady (which does sometime happen when two hens come into condition) you may need to keep them separated for awhile.

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