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Sherlock the budgie meets cockatiel

Hi, congrats on getting a cockatiel baby soon, cockatiels are great , I have four, plus the budgies ,
Sherlock my new rescue budgie , has done his quarantine which was tough going as he could hear my other birds , but quarantine is a must even though he had a vet check .
So quarantine over, introductions started , had cages side by side , let my birds out , Sherlock watches , Sherlock calls and climb bars to see his new friends , they ignored him at first , then on day three my budgies flew to Sherlocks cage and said hi through the cage bars. That was going well , then when my birds were in I let Sherlock out , he was in heaven flying to his new friends cages , lots of head bobbing and kissing through the bars , even some feeding between the cage bars by Sherlock and my oldest boy budgie .
Next step was Sherlock and my gentlest natured boy out together with me on hand feeling very nervous , it went well better than expected, he is now out with all budgies all getting on fine ,
Now Sherlocks time to meet cockatiels
it did go well , Sherlock loves the cockatiels even tries to kiss them , they do all get along fine now , they all hang out together when having out of cage time , but I do have to watch Sherlock with the cockatiels as he is fasinated by the cockatiels crests ,
"no Sherlock you are not pulling their crests ",
Photo is of Sherlocks first meeting with Roxane , Roxane is adorable she is such a sweet natured laid back girl .


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