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Introducing Lola & Pepe

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Hello all. My name is Erika and I'm the proud parent of Lola & Pepe. My partner and I adopted Lola & Pepe about 2.5 months ago from a colleague who was moving and needed to give her budgies a new home. I am joining this community because I'd like to learn more about budgie behavior, how to care for them properly, and most importantly how to keep them happy and entertained. This is our 2nd pair of budgies and they are wayyyyyy different than our first pair.

We adopted our first pair of budgies back in 2013 from a neighbor who had advanced alzheimer's and was no longer able to care for them. Wilhelm & Dende were a nervous pair, we are certain they were both males, and they never allowed us to get near them. They never flew out of their cage no matter how often we tried. Wilhelm passed away in the Summer of 2021 and Dende passed a few weeks later, as expected. We have no idea how old they were but they lived with us for approximately 8 years.

Lola & Pepe are extremely active compared to our Wilhem & Dende. According to their former owner, Pepe is about 2 years old and Lola is a little over 1 year old. They love flying out of their cage and exploring parts of our home.

Pepe does not mind perching on my finger as long as I let him out of the cage. He sometimes lets me rub his belly. He only perches on my finger when he is in the cage or if he gets lost somewhere in my apartment and wants help finding the cage.

Lola is very curious. She is always flying out of the cage, exploring different areas of the room where the cage is, and every day she finds a new nook to explore. But she does not want to go near my hand.

Hoping for some advice on training, gaining their trust, and hopefully getting these 2 to mate so I can have grand-babies :love:

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I’m new here and new to parakeets. Until I came here I didn’t realize how dangerous it is to breed budgies or even just have a female bird. There are so many stories here about egg bound hens, prolapse, chicks not making it or a parent not making it. I get it now. Their lives are very fragile.

The mods here will explain everything and that link Cody posted is something to read several times.
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