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Hello - I got a new budgie (Buddy) around 3-4 weeks ago and have had him completely quarantined away from my other budgie Joey (Joey is a female, Buddy is a male) Buddy is about 4-5 months old and definitely happy and healthy so I've now moved their cages next to each other. Joey is about 5 years old and has not seen a budguevsince she was very young. Joey has mimicked Buddy's chirp from hearing it downstairs and Buddy has mimicked Joey.

They did nothing at first - until Buddy made the first move and went to the nearest part of the cage near Joeys and just stared. After a while Joey came over to see buddy and they were both near the sides of their cages. Buddy was getting really excited and Joey was just standing there. I let buddy out of his cage and let them share a little bit of millet. I removed the millet so they were both right near each other and Joey fluffed up and kept opening and closing her beak, and her pupils were dialating.

She then moved her head up and down and was tapping her beak on the cage bars. Joey then started to use her tounge and they both had open beaks and it seemed they really liked each other. After a few minutes of that, Joey went away to the back of her cage. I let them share millet again, and they stared at each other and tapped beaks for a few seconds but now Joey doesn't seem interested at all.

Buddy was flying around and on the landing platform outside Joeys cage and was trying to get Joeys attention but Joey just doesn't seem interested. Whenever buddy landed on top of Joeys cage, Joey got scared and was ducking.

Now they're both in their cages (locked) and buddy is clung to his cage bars to be near Joey and Joey is as far away as possible.

Note that it was 7pm in the evening so maybe they are tired? Buddy just seems so excited to see Joey and Joey is scared and seems like she might be aggressive. Joey also nibbled (not hard) once on Buddy's feet when Joey was out and Buddy was inside his cage.

Sorry it's long; do you think this sort of behaviour is normal? I really would like them to get along.

Edit- Joey also closed her eyes and was fluffed up when Buddy was on my finger right next to her. Buddy started to close his eyes too

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Joey is an older budgie and not used to having another bird around. As such, her behavior is perfectly normal.

When introducing two budgies, it is best to simply have the cages sit next to each other for a few days before introducing the two in neutral territory.

Keep in mind that Joey may be happier on her own so don't force the issue if that is the case. ;)

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