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I purchased a baby last week on Friday evening.. Id estimate 7 weeks old but eating fine independently

He was very frozen all day on Saturday and would not eat, drink or sleep..or move.

I spoke softly to him and eventually hand fed him seeds.

I have been doing this consistently all week but from yesterday he has outbursts during the day when he is trying to escape his cage...climbing all over trying to stick his head through the bars which he can't because they're not wide enough but he will stick his beak through flip himself upside down and try every angle, corner of the cage...he even sticks his head under the water and food jars to see if he can get through anywhere.

He is constantly flock calling when he hears the other birds.

I think our bonding is going ok, he is eating out of my hand and just now for the first time he has gone to sleep properly right next to me. Up until now I have only see him close his eyes..but not tilt his head back and relax fully. Not the same story with my husband, he screams when he gets close to the cage but they haven't had any time to bond and I've been annoyingly doing everything next to him..including eating.

He is not chirping at all, he is not playing with toys at all despite having plenty. I worry that he isn't happy because all he does is eat, sleep and look for other birds. I know its only been a week please tell me he will eventually relax.

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You need to take it slowly and quietly. For at least the first 2 weeks he will be settling in, look at the situation from his point of view, he was removed from the only surroundings he knew since hatching, is now in an unfamiliar home with no other bird friends and 2 giant creatures, you and your husband, staring at him. He is nervous and unsure of everything and once he learns that you are not a threat he should calm down, but it can take months for him to be really comfortable so do not expect too much too soon.

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Hello and welcome to the forums!

Congratulations on your new baby. Cody is absolutely right. It is much too soon for him to feel settled in. Indeed, it's recommended you don't even try to touch or hand feed your budgie within the first two weeks unless it was specifically socialized to humans.

He sounds like he was absolutely petrified when first arriving home, which is totally normal for any budgie. At this time, I would stop handfeeding him but continue spending as much time with him talking softly through the cage bars, eating with him, reading to him, etc.

As for his "trying to escape" this is likely because he doesn't see his cage as his "safe space" yet. The initial two weeks period without letting a new budgie out of their cage establishes the cage as their "home" and they will be able to not only recognize it as a comfortable place to go even when having free flight time later, but will help for them to establish a consistent environment in which they can feel comfortable.

It's actually a good sign that he's suddenly become so active because while he may seem stressed, he's actually slightly less stressed in that he is not scared stiff, now he's just scared. Continue to give him time and over the next few months he is sure to warm up to you both.

Even if your husband doesn't spend much time with him, even both of you talking in the same room as him will help him to get more comfortable with him.

Meanwhile, you've come to a great place to learn even more about the best of budgie care practices. Please be sure to read through the forums' many budgie articles and "stickies" to ensure you're up to date on everything! If you have any questions after doing so, please be sure to ask as we'd love to help. Does your little guy have a name yet?

Best wishes! 👋

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