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I do not believe that your cage is an adequate size for two budgies.
Bigger is always better in this case.
Here is an example of a cage that's a great size for two budgies:

Pet supply Line Rectangle Parallel Gas

Reiterating what FaeryBee had to say above :)
Essentials to a Great Cage

I would arrange your perches on the front and back of the cage, but near the sides. You want to leave a good glide-path in the middle of the cage so that they can fly back-and-forth from the perches, lengthwise.

Also, you will want to have multiple feeding stations if one, or both, of them are resource protective. This way, you can ensure that they both always have access to food.

Please take a look at the "stickies" posted in each of the topic areas for a wealth of knowledge.
Here are a few to get you started!

Is My Bird Healthy?
Yes, Your Bird Needs to See a Vet

Clicker Training
Positive Reinforcement

Safe Foods

If you do indeed have a mixed pair of budgies, please do your best to prevent them from breeding:
Please Don’t Breed Your Birds
Coffee & Toast, Hold the Eggs
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Not open for further replies.