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I currently have one 1.5 year old green male budgie Kuzya.
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You got excellent advices here and you're doing all right.
Your budgie came from PetSmart, correct? That my be one reason why he is so shy, scared. They don't know how to properly handle birds, they don't care much, they don't socialize birds. I'm sure your guy still remembers his unfortunate past.
It's very important that you keep bird around you and are talking to him. He will slowly overcome his fears. And sure, it can only come on his terms, you cannot and shouldn't try to force anything.
I had a budgie from PetSmart, who was scared for the same reason.
You got great cage, removing part of toys was correct thing to do. Millet is one of the best lures.
I would probably restrict the amount of eggs a little bit.
Pay attention on how your bird reacts on different clothes. They are often very sensitive to colors, light , light green color is usually preferred, while dark, red, unusual clothing may scare them.

I never had cockatiels, but heard that they are usually not aggressive towards smaller birds and might become friends. If a cockatiel will be tame, your budgie might learn by example that you are not scary and become tame faster.
Budgies are very social birds, they are happier and more confident if not alone, but in a flock of other budgies. They normally get along each other very well and become more happy and active. Still, I understand that getting from just one bird to three birds at once might be too challenging.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts