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Deb - these photos are just Great - You have perfectly captured their colorful characters!
I pray you can find a good home for these lovable lovies - and I hope you don't feel guilty about considering this.
Thank you, Ollie!
When I rescued Pedro and Poppy they had not been not well cared for. I've tried to do everything I can for them. They have a nice big flight cage, lots of toys, a healthy diet, a play-gym for out-of-cage time and they get plenty of time and attention.
Unfortunately, I had never had a desire for birds other than budgies and had no knowledge of the difference in temperament and behavior of lovebirds. They have been very challenging. It would be better for Pedro and Poppy to be with someone who truly enjoys bigger birds.

Oh Dear!!! i love Poppy so much!!!!! i also love Pedro but i must say Poppy looks so soft and sweet!! Shhhh.... dont tell Pedro :giggle:
Thanks Connie -- they are quite cute little birdies. :D
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
Not open for further replies.