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johnny! sleeping on my finger

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Johnny is one of my hand fed babies, but he was really shy and weaned himself earlier than the others. I had difficulty just getting him out of the cage and he wouldn't stay on my hand, so I decided to keep him and hopefully teach him to talk. I've spent a lot of extra time with him and now he totally loves hanging out with me!
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How adorable is your little Johnny, he was fast asleep and very comfortable there too till you woke him with that whistle Ha ha:D:D I love his colouring he is so cute and cuddly I wouldn't of been able to part with him ever if it were me.:budgie::budgie:
Aww, he is gorgeous and how very mean of you to wake him up. I do believe all he wanted to do was cozy up with you and catch a quick forty winks. :D
That's so sweet, Johnny went right back to sleep! :)
Awwwwww :love: That is SO sweet!! It's a beautiful thing to see that absolute trust when they will "be vulnerable" and sleep on your hand. What an awesome coloured budgie he is too - gorgeous!
Some days, I know exactly how he feels :D what a cute little man
Thanks lynda! That's why I took the video, I thought it was soo special that he was comfortable enough to do that, especially since he was so afraid before. I couldn't believe he sat there sleeping while I talked to him and got so close. People didn't want him because he was shy....fools! Mwuahahaha
Johnny has complete trust in you, Caitlin. To be able to sleep like that. So adorable. More videos, please.
OMG Caitlin!! What an adorable boy! His colors are stunning and personality so sweet! Keep that guy for loves and to make more babies with such a mellow personality!
Thanks Cara! He is really cool looking, his feathers are longer than average and it looks like hair a little bit. His tail feathers are super long. I might just do that :)

I also took a video of the taming process. Its a half hour long so I haven't uploaded it yet, I'll have to plug my phone into the computer to upload. I can post that too if anyone is inerested. You can see how he was before.
How cute is little Johnny?! It's so lovely how he trusts you enough to go to sleep on your finger. And I loved it how he kept yawning and then went straight back to sleep! As if he was going to let you interrupt his beauty sleep. :D
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