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When I first set out to buy some better quality/bigger cages for my birds, I ran into the limitations of living on the Canary islands.
I could not find anywhere that could get me what I really wanted, a big flight cage with a divider.
(If I had opted to order one from the mainland, the cost of shipping would have been more than the cage itself...)
So I got the next best thing 2 big cages
Decoracuarium - Tu tienda de mascotas en Canarias Online

I joined those with a small corridor.

This has worked just fine, and the guys had absolutely no problem figuring this out (Took them like 1 minute)

Now, I have often observed them flying around in the cages, exploring every inch of free flight space (Amazed at how they are able to navigate the relatively small space without hitting anything)
So, this got me thinking, why not try and combine the 2 cages by taking out one of the side panels in each.

This presented a challenge, as the cages I have are designed in a way that has the support for the tray and grate on the side panels.

That ment they couldn't just be joint without some work :p

So, I thought, why not ditch the stands the cages came with and get a couple of coffee tables roughly the same size as the cages and try to use those as "stands"
Browsing the IKEA website I found the perfect match in this table:Äs/coffee-table/?&item=66107&id_src=16

Measuring 59x89cm with the cages measuring 55x82cm

(I also looked around for 1 big table, but a table that size would be either to flimsy or way to expensive if wood, and not really practical for me...)

I have been looking for possible parts to make support for the tray and grate, and found a very suitable option, while looking around in my local "Chinese, we have everything shop".
A shelf similar to this:

The ones I got measure 48 cm long and the highest edge is 4cm, roughly the same height as the tray support on the cage side.
That gave me one part of the support and a way to attach it to the table.
I took off the low edge as it was to high for the tray to clear and added some wood I had laying around on the back side raising the height with 1.5cm then added a couple of angle ****ings to support the Grate:

Centered the piece, lined the back up with the edge of the table and secured it with some screws.

This works perfectly.

That left me with the last "problem" of working around the not so straight ends of the front and back panels:

The casters I put on the tables to be able to move them for cleaning behind them etc. needed a little more clearance between the table legs than would be available if the tables where completely together, so I had a gap I had to fill out so the little ones could not get stuck between the cages.

This I did with 3cm Cable trays, using the holes formerly used to join the sides to the front and back panels, cutting them in length so they fit exactly, that way they support to top as well as cover the gap between the cages.
Secured extra with the trusty Zip-ties :)

I have secured them on the one side with bolts and nuts, on the other side just the bolt, that way I do not have to fiddle with unscrewing nuts to separate the cages, just pull out the bolts.

The bottom gap is covered the same way so the little ones can not get to the wood/hardware

This is the final "product" or at least v 1.0...
Both the little rascals and I are very happy with it!

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