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Two females, Cobbler and Mango. One male, Pickles.
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I love and hate seeing budgies at pet stores as it’s so interning to see random mutations and to practice my gender recognition. But I hate to see them there as they most likely are not being taken care of well and only there for the sake of being sold for money. :(

Besides that, here are some of my personal favorites of budgies I’ve seen when visiting the pet stores to get more seed. (I constantly wish I could just wisk them home with me)
Bird Cockatoo Eye Sulphur-crested cockatoo Parrot

This guy is just amazing to look at with his creamy feathers.
Head Bird Eye Parrot Beak

My cousion sent me a photo of this little guy. I just think he is so unique and has amazing color match ups.
Bird Eye Beak Feather Parrot

This green girl was so beautiful, I think she had the cinnamon mutation and I’ve always wanted a budgie that that coloration.
Bird Vertebrate Cockatoo Parrot Pet supply

Bird Beak Grey Phasianidae Feather
This yellow faced girl was one of the sweetest budgies I’ve ever seen at a pet store. She would run up to the glass when I crouched next to it.
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