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Kalani Loves him some Wheatgrass

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I may have found a better training tool than millet for Kalani. He went nuts over a blade of wheatgrass I clipped to his cage.

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Oh how adorable. He's certainly into that. Looks like he's eating spaghetti :laugh:
Haha it DOES look like spaghetti. I love how he's hunched over concentrating so hard on nibbling his wheat grass. It's a favourite of my flock too as well as the sunflower seedlings at the first 2 leaves stage and baby corn plants.
Mine scramble for snow pea sprouts! I haven't tried wheatgrass....but after seeing that, I think I will! :)

Thanks for sharing!
I can't wait to try him on some other stuff now. So far he doesn't seem to be real picky about what he eats and he is just so comical when I introduce something new.
That reminds me of my bird that looks like yours. She likes to nibble on string. Some day she will poop out a sweater lol Where do you get the grass?
I got the wheat grass at a health food store already grown for human consumption. Kalani is the only one that's tried it so far. :p
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