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Keeping Budgies Warm in the Winter


The ideal temperature for budgies is between 60 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit (15-24.5 degrees Celsius)
Ensure your budgie is protected from any cold drafts.
Do not place the cage in an area where an outside door will be opening and closing or near older leaky windows.
Use fleece blanket and cover the top and three sides of your budgie's cage to help keep him warmer.

Heat Sources

Specific heat lamps for birds-safe can be purchased from sources that market them specifically for avian use.
Incandescent or infrared incandescent bulbs are frequently used for heat lamps. The infrared bulb warms objects rather than the surrounding air and does not disturb the avian sleep cycle, because of the unique red light.

Ensure any bulbs you choose are not coated with a substance containing PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), the same polymer in nonstick cookware that can emit toxic fumes when overheated as some heat lamps not specifically made for avian use may contain these.

Using a space heater is another way to help keep the temperature in the room warm enough.
However, some space heaters contain components coated with polymers containing polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE), the same element in nonstick cookware that (when overheated) emits fumes deadly to birds.
Contact the manufacturer about possible PTFE coatings before purchasing.

Thermo Perches are available in multiple sizes from various Bird Product Suppliers.
Many people use these to help keep their budgies warmer in the winter.

You can also purchase a pet snuggle that is heated in the microwave and will stay warm for up to 8+ hours.

During emergency situations when the electricity / heat fails, you can put your bird(s) into smaller hospital cages, wrapped in a blanket and covered with and emergency "space" blanket to help hold in heat.


You can get a warm mist humidifier to help keep the air moist to help your budgie breathe more easily.
Additionally, adding a drop of pure eucalyptus oil to the water can be beneficial to both you and your budgie.

Be aware that some standard cold-air electric humidifiers or vaporizers increase the level of mold and dampness in a home, which is not beneficial to either birds or humans

You can also add moisture to the air using the following methods:
Keep a crock-pot of hot water set on low with a drop of eucalyptus oil added in the room to raise the humidity
When pre-heating the oven, place a roasting pan filled with water inside the oven
Place damp towels or shallow pans of water on top of old-fashioned radiators
Place a tea kettle on top of a wood burning stove
Leave the bathroom door ajar while you take a shower
Regularly mist houseplants to keep the transpiration (the process whereby plants release moisture into the air) cycle going.
Hang laundry to dry indoors instead of using the dryer.
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