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CutelilBirdies (Lindsey)
Lindsey is to receive a book donated by our very own
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Budgiekeet will ship the book, titled
What happened to my peanuts? a Holistic Approach to Parrot Nutrition by Gudrun Maybaum
(developer of "Totally Organics" Line of organic pellets and seed mixes)
directly to Lindsey!
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The "Let's Talk Budgies!" Contest Questions and Answer Locations are shown below:

1. What is the best way to share articles, websites, photos or videos that are not your own?

Post web links to the original sources of those materials.

2. What is the Talk Budgies Forum Supporter's Circle?

A private forum where subscribers can talk amongst each other

3. How can you quote more than one person's post in your reply (multi-quote)?

4. Why does a bird that has been sick perk-up and appear normal when someone walks into the room

Recognizing Illness in Birds
Date Written: May 2009
Author: Dr. Peter S. Sakas, DVM, MS

Birds hide their illnesses very well as it is part of their natural defenses.
A bird that is obviously sick in the wild will be subject to predator
attack or harassed by other birds.

5. Budgies are predisposed to developing lipomas; what is a simple way for every budgie owner to help prevent this in their birds?

Feed your budgie lots of veggies and ensure it gets plenty of exercise is a very simple way how to help prevent lipomas.
So, you've decided you'd like to have a budgie in your life?
AnimalKaperz (Lynda)
Date Written: February 2013

6. Why is Sunshine and/or full spectrum lighting important for budgies?
Parrot Island (Association of Avian Veterinarians) 2004
The Necessity of Full Spectrum Lighting
Terry Boudin

Sunshine and/or true full-spectrum lighting include UVB rays that are necessary for the synthesis of Vitamin D

7. Name FIVE common signs your budgie may want to begin laying eggs
Change in Cere Color
Excessive Chewing
Spending more time in dark corners
Eating more Calcium

8. How can you prevent a second clutch of eggs from a hen whose chicks have recently hatched?

To Prevent Another Clutch-
Removing the hen once the chicks are 3 weeks old and letting the male finish raising them is the best thing to do. Around the 3 week mark the male takes over most of the feeding and caring for the chicks, so if you do not want another clutch removing the hen is the best way to prevent it from happening. Putting her in a separate room will help the male focus on caring for the chicks, and as soon as the chicks are ready to be separated from him at 6-8 weeks you can put them back together without a nest box and easily avoid another clutch.

9. List THREE causes of splayed legs in budgies

Poor diet- The chicks do no have enough calcium and nutrients to develop strong muscles and bones, and with so little strength in their legs they can not stay up right under them.

Lack of good traction in the nest box- If the bottom of you nest box is not a rough surface that the chicks nails can grip they can not keep their feet under themselves and develop good muscle tone in their legs, causing the legs to splay outwards and become deformed.

The hen sits too tightly on young chicks- Having a hen that sits very tightly on the chicks with no other eggs in the nest to help take the weight off of them is another factor in splayed legs. If you have only one or two chicks be sure to leave an egg or two in the nestbox even if they are not fertile to help take some of the weight of the hen off of them.

10. What steps should you follow if your budgie is actively bleeding from a broken blood feather?

Restrain bird with clean cloth
Examine bird, remove quill with steril tweezers
Apply corn starch or flour to wound and apply pressure to stop bleeding

11. If my budgie has been bleeding (but isn't actively bleeding now) and has blood on it's feathers what should I do to clean them?
The bird may have stained feather wings for several days to a week.
Usually the bird can clean itself just fine through preening.
Do not promote the bird to take a bath or attempt to wash the blood stain off the feathers for at least a day so that the wounded area has time to mend and does not re-open. If the bird has lost a lot of blood, it is recommended that you feed him an electrolyte solution which will compensate for lost ions due to the massive volume of blood lost.

12. Why is quarantine so important?

Hahaha who would have thunk it!

Lindsey well done! (i knew you'd win it haha) :hug:

Congratulations Wiki, Shazadi, millipidi and hollyhock :hug:

Time to par-tay!

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Congrats everyone. A little brain stretch is fun. I vote for more in the future.

Thanks, Prof. Did you stay up all nite grading papers? Did you take off for grammar and spelling??OOPS!!!!


Jo A:budgie:nn

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:third: Wow! :woot:

Thanks TB this was great fun and even better to win a prize. Hope we have another one soon.

Big congratulations to Lindsey :cup: and AnnMarie & Jo Ann :second: and Shazadi & hollyhock :third:

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Congrats to my fellow winners - and thanks to Deb for all of the hard work you did to run this contest. Awesome job, everyone!

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The winners' karma has now been increased by the number of points they won!

If you've also won a "custom designed signature", please contact me via PM to discuss what type of signature you'd like to have!

Again, congratulations to all the winners -- I'm glad you enjoyed the contest. :wave:

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Congratulations to all the winners :D
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I seriously can not believe I won! :wow: I figured there would have been a lot of members that got all their answers in before me!!

Thank you everybody! :hug: :tb: And a big congratulations to the other winners too! :congrats:

I can not wait to get reading, thank you so much Rick for donating the book! :jumping1: And thank you Deb for yet another awesome contest! :urock:

Oh Lindsey... don't pretend like you didn't know you were gonna win haha

I'm just messin' hun, seriously tho well done, i am so pleased for you and everyone else who entered :D

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Congrats to all the winners, and to Deb, who moderates all these interesting and fun contests!

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:party2: :party3: :clap: Congratulations to all the winners!! :clap: :party3: :party2:

:star: :juggle: :party10: WTG Deb ... for organising and running it! :party10: :juggle: :star:

:2thumbs: :thumbsup: :first: Rick - well done for donating the prizes! :first: :thumbsup: :2thumbs:
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