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License To Breed And Sell Budgies In PA?

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So I am looking into getting into the budgie breeding business (mostly as a hobby), and I was wondering if you needed a license to breed and sell budgies in PA? I have looked all over the internet and couldn't find anything! Any help would be appreciated!
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No, you don't need a license to breed budgies, BUT.....

Talk Budgies encourages only the best practices in budgie care.... So, in order to support your intention to breed, staff would need to know and learn more about you and your experience level. Not just experience "having" budgies, but also knowing all aspects of everything from behavior to diet to healthcare, and what is normal for breeding vs out of season, what you should look for when selecting pairs to breed, what you should look for to determine if a specific bird is not a good candidate for breeding, what can go wrong with everything from egg laying to raising chicks, etc, etc. Please note that Talk Budgies discourages members from focusing on learning about breeding before taking the necessary amount of time however long that may be, to learn all aspects in depth, of keeping budgies as individuals first :thumbsup:.

We ask that all new members take the time to read the Stickies posts at the top of all the major forum sections (healthcare, behavior, taming and bonding, breeding) to familiarize yourself with what Talk Budgies is all about. Check out our Articles section too, for more useful up to date information.

:welcome: to the best budgie Educational Resource on the internet!
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On top of all that RavensGryf has said above, you should also know that breeding budgies won't make you any money. It will likely leave you in the hole.

Buying proper breeding cages, nest boxes, bedding, food, emergency supplies for hand feeding (Plus the knowledge of how to do this!) vet bills..... And then trying to find suitable homes for your birds is sometime a challenge depending on where you live.

Just all things you'll need to think about.
Hi, Welcome to Talk Budgies!

The goal of this forum is to promote the best practices in the care of budgies for their optimum health and well-being.

Before breeding any species, it is important to learn as much about the animals, their personalities and the best practices to follow for responsible and ethical breeding prior to making the commitment to take on the responsibility.

This requires extensive research and an openness to continual learning.

Have you owned budgies before or is this your first time?

Do you have any experience in breeding budgies?

How old are the budgies you currently have?

Did they come from a Big Box Pet Store?

Do you know if they are related?

What conditioning diet have you been providing them?

Do you have a good Avian Vet?

Is there a responsible and ethical breeder near you that can serve as a mentor?

An individual needs to have a good background in basic budgie care and then do extensive research into the proper breeding practices prior to making the decision to accept the responsibility of the commitment required for breeding responsibly and ethically.

I'll be looking forward to your responses to the various questions asked. :)

Please take the time to read through the Site Guidelines, all of the How To Guides, the FAQs, the Budgie Articles and the stickies located at the top of each section of the forum.

Truly, the very BEST advice anyone can offer you is to take the time to read ALL of the stickies throughout the various Talk Budgie forums as well as the Budgie Articles we have posted.

These are great resources for Talk Budgie members and have a wealth of reliable information which will assist you to learn the best practices in caring for your budgies for their optimal health and well-being.

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By the way, all photos entered in any of our forum contests must be a full-size photo and not a thumbnail attachment so it's good to know how to upload them! ;)

If you have any questions after reading through everything, please be sure to ask!

Glad you decided to join us and looking forward to seeing you around the forums.

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Hi there and :welcome: to the forums!

You've been given great advice above, and have been asked some good questions. It's important to only embark on such a venture if you are an expert on budgies and have been researching for at least a year, as mentioned.

Meanwhile, you couldn't have come to a better place to learn even more about budgies!

Be sure to read through the forum's many Budgie Articles and "stickies" (threads "stuck" to the top of each subform for easy reference) to ensure you're up to date on all the best practices for budgie care!

If you have any questions after reading through everything, be sure to ask as we'd love to help :p

We look forward to seeing you and your budgies around the forums. ;)

Cheers! :wave:
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