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How to Stay Safe On-Line
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Budgie Articles Forum

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General Budgie Talk

Let's Talk Budgies

List of Stickies

Resource Directory

Is A Budgie The Right Pet For You

Safe and Toxic Household Plants

Bird Safe Cleaning Products

Orange Oil Insect Control

Common Myths About Female Budgies

Why Buy From A Reputable Breeder Rather than A Big Box Pet Store

Posting on the Forums

Cats and Dogs are Predators; Bird are Prey

Important Information for All Budgie Owners

Long Distance Car Traveling

Reporting Animals Being Abused, Mistreated or Kept in Unsafe Conditions

Taking Your Bird Outdoors

Steps for Reporting a Pet Store

How Old is Your Budgie?

To Clip or Not To Clip

How to Control Feather Dust

Be Prepared for Veterinary Expense

Frequently Made Excuses

New Budgie Arrivals

Your Harmonious Flock

Unique Names for Unique Budgies

Introducing Two Budgies

Yes, Your Bird IS Scared

Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Bird

Quarantine IS Necessary

Budgie Behaviour

Frustrated with your Budgie's Behavior? Please read this thread!

Screeching Budgies

Bird Terminology for Training

Why Is My Young Budgie Suddenly Aggressive?

Determining Gender

Budgie Gender Reference and How Old is Your Budgie?

Exceptions to the Rule in Sexing your Male Budgie

When asking for Gender Advice, Here are Examples of Pictures to Post and NOT to Post

Determining Gender of Young Budgies

Housing for Budgies

Share Your Budgies' Cage Set-Up

Safely Secure All Spring Loaded Cage Doors

Cleaning and Refinishing Bird Cages

Prevue Hendryx F050 Modified Double Cage

Minimum Recommended Cage Sizes

Seed Collector for Cage Bottom

Joining 2 Flight Cages into 1 Single Cage

Essentials for a Great Cage Set-up

Do It Yourself

Safe Metals to Use for Toys

Grapevine Perch and Natural Wooden Bead Swing

Safe Natural Woods for Budgies

Re-usable CuttleBone Mount

Colorful Rope Free Bird Boing

DIY Seed Catcher/Cage Tidy

Budgie Product Reviews

Dangerous Toy List
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Budgie Pictures

Guidelines for Frequent Picture Posters

Guidelines for Video Slideshows and/or Artwork for Other Members

Budgie Videos

Make Sure You Follow Site Guidelines When Posting Videos

Important Notice for Video Uploaders

How to Embed You-Tube Videos into a Post

Your Budgie's Health

Do I Really Have to Take My Budgie to The Vet

50 Common Budgie Dangers to Watch Out For

So You're Bringing Home a New Budgie

How Do You Recognize a Healthy Bird

Is Your Budgie Healthy
Challenges in Pet Bird Ownership; Facing Adversity

Quarantine - Is it really THAT important

Guardian Angel/Pedialyte/Pedialyte Recipe

Glue Trap Dangers

How to Administer CPR to a Bird

Regurgitation vs Vomiting

Molting FAQs

Plants Poisonous to Budgies and Other Toxic Materials

The Importance of Vitamin D3 to your Budgies' Health

Minimizing Smoke Inhalation for Pet Birds

Signs of Illness/Avian Vet Finder/Administering Medicine

How Cold is Too Cold for Your Birds

Birdie First Aid Kit

Cere Changes

If Only...

Dangers of Rope Perches and Tasseled Toys

Information on Blood Feathers

Emergency Room

Birdie First Aid Kit

Information on Blood Feathers

Finding an Avian Vet

Transporting A Sick or Injured Budgie

Emergencies of Non-Budgie Pets

Diseases and Illnesses

Sodium Benzoate in Treating/Prevention of AGY

Alternative Remedies to Help with Tumors

Diet and Nutrition

Budgie Safe Foods

Quality Seed Mix

Removing Pesticides/Contaminates from Produce

Sprouting Seeds for Your Budgies

Grit - Should You Offer it to Your Budgie?

How to Mimic Flock Behavior to Get Your Budgie Try New Foods

How I Got My Budgie to Eat Vegetables

Serving Vegetables and Fruit

How I Get Them To Eat Their Veggies


Simple Birdie Bread

Budgie Brownies

Red Pepper and Cilantro Birdie Bred

Egg Food: Our Aviary Recipe Step by Step

Budgie Breeding

Guidance for Breeding Advice Threads

Posting on the Forums

A Heartfelt Plea to All Members

How to Use a Hagan-Vision Plastic Nest Box Safely

Fostering Budgie Chicks and Eggs Safely

Cage and Colony Breeding: Differences and Dangers

Aggression Toward Chicks and What to Do

Budgie Hand Feeding and Weaning Guide

Dystocia in Birds - Risks, Signs, Treatment and Prevention

When We Don't Want Eggs

Are you Ready to Breed Your Budgies?

Are Your Eggs Fertile?

What is Breeding Condition?

A Budgie Breeding Diet

Budgie Mutations and Budgie Genetics

Genetics - What Does It All Mean?

Development of Budgie Mutations

Budgie Anatomy and Markings

Budgie Eye Color in Chicks and Adults

Commonly Confused Mutations

Budgie Mutation Color Guide

Breeding Expectations

Inheritance of Dark Factors in Budgies

A Simple Explanation of the Dark Factor

A Simple Explanation of Genetics

A "Bird's Eye" View of some Mutations

Training and Bonding

Clicker Training for Companion Birds

Basics of Clicker Training

Using Positive Reinforcement Training

Clicker Training for Humans

How to Tame a Budgie Who is Afraid of People

How to Train your Budgie to Come to the Cage Door When You Open It

How My Grandfather Taught Me to Tame Budgies

Tips for Getting Your Budgie Out of His Cage

In Memory

Talk Budgie Angels

Link to Create an On-Line Pet Memorial
The Pet Loss Support Page Website

Rainbow Bridge Verse

Lost and Found

What To Do If Your Budgie Is Lost

Found Budgie Screening Questions


Budgie of the Month

BOTM Rules and Regulations

Voting Rules for BOTM Contests

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Karma - How Do We Use It

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Talk Budgies Awards

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Updated Smartphone Feedback Thread


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Other Birds

If You Find A Baby Bird

Preventing Aspergillosis

For Those Considering A Larger Bird

Other Pets

Do You Really Want Another Pet?

Vacations and Getaways

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