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Little Lovers

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This is the first time I have seen him actually trying to "feed" her :rolleyes: I think the only reason he was doing it was because she was on the other side of the bars :p I wonder how the dynamics are going to work out once Turkey Boy comes downstairs :)

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Aww that is so cute!

I think he's trying to bond with her cos he can sense another male in the house :XD:
So sweet, Julio has to show all his moves to Shrimp now, before Turkey steps in to meet them. :)
That is so sweet.

Sunny and Shelby first "met" Sparky that way (both of them on top of his cage). I believe that made their interactions go really well when Sparky first enjoyed out-of-cage time with them.

Julio may not find Shrimp so intimidating in the future now that they've enjoyed this little interlude. :D
That is so sweet:) Yes, I am curious who is going to win the girl :giggle:
This is the closest they have gotten without running away from each other for a period of time!! So cute :)

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