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Longer Vacation for First Time

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I've had my parakeet for over a year now and since then he's grown very attached to me, as he's a single parakeet.

In a couple of days I'm planning on leaving him with my grandmother ( who herself has had 3 budgies before which she loved and cared for dearly ) for a 10 day vacation. He's unfamiliar with my grandmother and her house though- and is usually shy and anxious around strangers to begin with.

I'm worried sick for his health if I go through with this as I've already gotten a taste of leaving him for a couple of days. Last summer I left him with a trusted family member as my house for 3 days. When I came back he had a head full of pin feathers, and was missing feathers under his wings and by his legs. I'm not sure if he was molting or not but he looked very distressed- and when I returned he quickly recovered.

Will it be safe to leave him with my grandmother for so long?
Any advice asap is greatly appreciated!!
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He should be okay.
I think you should stop worrying about the stress of the change for your bird, and concentrate on ensuring that you give your grandmother a clear plan of how to care for him. She may have had a very different routine with her birds.
Write everything down clearly and add a list of ‘please don’ts’.
In terms of stress, as a single bird, he’ll likely feel less stressed with your grandmother around for company that he was, alone at home, the last time.

Enjoy your holiday.
JRS has given you great advice .

I'm sure your bird was just moulting last time and it just coincided with your holiday. It's also a good thing to get him used to someone else looking after him so you can have vacations.
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