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Look at this dork.

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I've had him for 11 months now, he was "free to a good home" and since I had to leave my tiels with my parents I couldn't resist, so this is Beanie!
His a 4 yr old cinnamon GCC

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Such a precious pic him with his binky lol :)
Handsome Bird :)
Aww, Beanie is precious!! What a cutie-pie. :giggle:
Thanks for sharing his photos with us.
He looks like he has a TON of personality.. it was fun to see the photos!
What a nice looking bird. Congrat's, and thank's for sharing pics...:)

So adorable..!!!! Love him.
Beanie is absolutely precious!!! And good for you for adopting!!!
Aww such an adorable green cheek! I just love the way they hold stuff with their claws. My GC Drogon always feed himself that way :)


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He is adorable!!! :D :D
What a sweet and gorgeous boy your Beanie is, I bet he gives you many moments of happiness and lots of laughter as well. :)
Yes, he can be very sweet, he gets tricky with his hormones kicking in though. So much puke and so many bites!
Thank you everyone, his preening on my hand as I type :)
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